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About The Owners

Divine Harmony Collective was established by Bill Von Elling and Kristi Pottroff-Von Elling.  Kristi is a personal trainer and a licensed Dental Hygienist that has dedicated her life to helping others.  During her life, she has suffered numerous injuries that have led to her having 29 surgeries.  Many of these surgeries were unsuccessful and led to more surgeries.  She reached a point in her life where she wanted to place more faith in our body’s ability to heal itself when placed in the proper environment.  Bill is an Electrical and General Contractor that has devoted his life to seeking Natural Healing products to help Kristi and others become less reliant on traditional medicine and turn to God’s divine plan for natural healing.  This quest led them to Dr. Sandra Rose Michael and her amazing Energy Enhancement System.

Divine Harmony Collective is a Private Membership Association that was formed as the result of a spiritual quest to discover and share holistic healing and interaction with members. We currently have a 12-unit Energy Enhancement System that was invented by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. The system is installed in a private room located within our private personal training facility located on our home property just outside of Manhattan, Kansas. We have designed our room to maximize our members’ ability to relax and fully receive the benefits of the EESystem technology. The room has Zero Gravity chairs as well as two Recliners and is also equipped with a Murphy Bed to allow private overnight stays. Our room was intentionally built to promote an atmosphere of relaxation. The room can host up to four guests at a time. When you reserve a time block, the room is yours. You will not have others entering and leaving the room causing distractions. We encourage you to bring your spouse, family, or friends that you are comfortable relaxing with.

Our wellness room has a Vollara ActivePure Air & Surface Pro purification unit installed. The patented ActivePure unit is an advanced surface and air purification technology. It has been proven to reduce over 99.9% of many common airborne and surface contaminants. We also have a Vollara Living Water purification system installed to provide our members with healthy alkaline water during their visits. We have an Alexa voice enable sound system in the room to provide meditation, spa, thunderstorm, or other music to help our members achieve a maximum state of relaxation.

We have Faraday bags available for members to store their phones as we encourage you to “unplug” from everything outside of the room to maximize your experience.

We plan to add access to Relax Far Infrared Sauna therapy, Vibroacoustic therapy session with an InHarmony Sound Lounge, and Pre-mixed Detox Bath solutions available for purchase.